New review discusses 89Zr-immuno-PET for imaging of long circulating drugs and disease targets and its further development

89Zr-immuno-PET – positron emission tomography (PET) using 89Zr-labeled monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) or other targeted vehicles, such as peptides, nanoparticles and cells – constitutes a valuable tool for the better understanding of disease targets and the in vivo behavior of targeted drugs. This precise methodology has become increasingly important in the development of next generation mAbs, which are characterized by high potency and/or multiple binding domains, and will continue to do so. In this sense, a new review article by Prof. van Dongen and colleagues from the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) provides practical information for researchers considering the implementation of 89Zr-immuno-PET in order to answer their own biological and pathological questions, or for steering their own drug development programs [1].
The article offers an overview of the reagents, labeling protocols, quality tests and critical steps necessary to obtain high-quality 89Zr-conjugates, while also discussing possibilities for further improvement. Information is provided regarding the standardization of 89Zr-PET quantification, considering its advantage of allowing quantitative imaging. The discussed issues are summarized for consideration when starting preclinical or clinical 89Zr-immuno-PET studies, to enable unequivocal interpretation of results at the end. Moreover, a number of appealing examples are provided regarding what can be learned from 89Zr-immuno-PET studies, and future directions are further outlined. Although most of the examples available thus far concern the characterization of mAbs in oncology, the review shows that 89Zr-immuno-PET also harbors potential for many other kinds of targeted drugs and diseases, as well as for elucidating biological processes.
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[1] van Dongen GA, Huisman MC, Boellaard R, Harry Hendrikse N, Windhorst AD, Visser GW, Molthoff CF, Vugts DJ. 89Zr-immuno-PET for imaging of long circulating drugs and disease targets: why, how and when to be applied? Q J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. Mar 2015. 59(1):18-38. Epub 2014 Dec 17. PMID: 25517081.